Pineapple Footwear

It was late 2007 when the idea for Pineapple branded shoes was born. Inspired by dance and the rich history of Debbie Moore’s Pineapple Studios and branded clothing range, we set out to literally take Pineapple shoes to the streets.
Using the phenomenon that is Pineapple, our design team got straight to work. The task set was twofold. Create a range of high quality fashion shoes to complement the already hugely popular and world renowned Pineapple clothing range, but also design shoes that would appeal to a wider and more diverse audience. It will now be possible to be dressed head to toe in your favourite great quality, fashionably designed Pineapple branded attire.

Being a branded footwear designer and manufacturer for over 30 years enabled us to use our knowledge, established business relationships and experience to bring to market Pineapple Shoes quickly and efficiently; using only the best materials and production facilities to ensure the product not only looks good but lives up to the standard you have come to expect from the Pineapple brand. Pineapple shoes have now been on sale both online and on the high street since the summer of 2008 and their popularity is what has spurred the launch of Pineapple shoes.